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Home Insurance

Protecting your Minnesota Home with Insurance
Your home is likely the most expensive investment you will ever make, and for many people, it is the most important one. Having solid insurance coverage on this basic item is very important. At Carver Insurance Group, we take the time to find the best home insurance for people in Minnesota.

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featured auto insurance

Auto Insurance

Minnesota Auto Insurance
In Minnesota, you are required to have liability insurance, which is the case in most states. The state is a no-fault state, meaning benefits can be paid regardless of who is at fault. At Carver Insurance Group, we strive to get you the coverage that best suits your situation.

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featured commercial insurance

Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance Protection Options for Your Minnesota Business
Regardless of the size of your business in Minnesota, you probably should have some insurance. At Carver Insurance Group, we help people find the coverage they need for their business situation, whether you are a one-person operation or have thousands of employees.

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Compare Insurance Quotes with My Carver Insurance Group

Welcome to Carver Insurance Group

Carver Insurance Group is a leading insurance agency operating in the state of Minnesota. At Carver Insurance Group, we offer many different insurance products, including niche products like Farm, Flood and classic car insurance. If you own something that you want to have insured, whatever it is, we can help. These are the types of insurance policies that we at Carver Insurance Group write in Minnesota.

  • Home insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Commercial insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Motorhome insurance
  • Umbrella coverage
  • Renters’ insurance
  • Classic car coverage

What’s the Carver Insurance Group Difference?

You’ve seen them. The discount brands with the catchy TV commercials claim to save you x percent on car insurance. That sounds great, of course, but you won’t get personalized service from an experienced agent. You won’t have someone ready to walk you through exactly how much coverage you need on your wide variety of assets.

But at Carver Insurance Group, we can. Our agents can help you create a completely customized insurance plan that meets your needs. Whether you need just one policy on a vehicle or you have a wide range of insurance needs, we can help you.

The Human Touch

Insurance can be a real puzzle. Maybe you’re wary of attempting to piece it together alone. Or maybe you’re disappointed with your existing insurance provider. Visit our location today to see how Carver Insurance Group can make your life easier. Our team of expert agents can create a customized quote that makes sense for your situation, whether it’s simple or complex.

Here’s an added bonus, if you’re shopping for home and auto insurance, use our online rating tool to get a quote on home or auto insurance (or both) from the comfort of home, directly from your computer, or mobile device. To discuss any other types of coverage, visit Carver Insurance Group office or call us at 952-448-4580.

For all your insurance needs in the state of Minnesota, contact Carver Insurance Group today.

Partner Carriers

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  • Allstate
  • Auto Owners
  • Badger Mutual
  • Dairyland
  • Encompass
  • First Comp
  • Foremost
  • Hagerty
  • Has San Lake Mutual
  • J.C. Taylor
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Main Street America Group
  • Motorists
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  • Philadelphia
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