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Minnesota Auto Insurance

In Minnesota, you are required to have liability insurance, which is the case in most states. The Minnesota is a no-fault state, meaning benefits can be paid regardless of who is at fault. At Carver Insurance Group, we strive to get you the coverage that best suits your situation.

Policy Options

  • Liability is basic insurance, and you may get any level of liability you desire above the minimums set by the state. If you have a loan or lease on your car, it is likely the lending company will require you to have collision and comprehensive coverage as well.
  • Collision coverage covers your vehicle in an accident. Liability covers the damage you cause. Comprehensive coverage is everything else. Comprehensive would also protect you if a tree fell on your car, for instance. There are different levels of each kind you can choose from, and you can choose your own deductible. Both of these things affect the cost of automobile insurance.

Each car insurance policy has some coverage for what is called "no-fault" situations. This allows people to get medical treatment no matter who is at fault. A person can still sue for damages if they are higher than the minimums, and you can get coverage for that as well.

There are a lot of things that affect the cost of insurance, from the type of car and the age of the driver to the driving history of the vehicle operator. Come by or call Carver Insurance Group for coverage on your car in Minnesota. If you have a vehicle licensed in Minnesota, but you live in another state, you must still have insurance coverage. It can get complicated, and that is why we are here.

We welcome new customers, and we encourage existing customers to visit and update their policy when situations change. We know every situation is different and we want to find what is right for you. Try our online rating tool for quotes on auto insurance from your home.

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